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Is My Roof Covered?

Homeowners insurance is there when you need a safety net for the repair of your home. Homeowners search for the right policy to fit their needs and protect their largest investment. When homeowners choose their policy, they do so with the hope that if something goes wrong the insurance will cover the cost.

The unpredictable Florida weather can leave our homes in a state of havoc. The weather leaves us questioning our policy and what it covers, especially when it comes to our roof. Roof damage has a domino effect on the entire home. One leak can cause severe damage to walls, floors and windows and property. Before hurricane season hits homeowners should double check how their policy covers roof damage.

Roof coverage can be tricky, especially knowing how and how much your policy covers. With homeowner’s insurance, roofs are usually covered for the following reasons:

When is my roof NOT covered?

Because our homes age with time, homeowner’s insurance will not cover preventable damage. If your roof has wear and tear from age, the insurance will likely not cover your damage. If that hole causes damage to your walls and floors some policies will say that you should have fixed the hole. Remember, insurance will cover environmental damage. Here is a short list of events that insurance will not cover:

Prevention is key

To ensure that your roof protects the interior of your home you should do inspections. It’s much cheaper and easier to prevent a problem than to cover the damage. Before hurricane season, homeowners can have their roof inspected to see if there are any issues or potential issues that could arise. One leak can cause significant damage to walls floors and property so its important to get leaks fixed right away.

Homeowners should also check their homeowner’s policy. Homeowners need to know exactly what their policy outlines in case of damage. Choosing a policy that is right for your needs and potential environmental needs is important. You will want to speak with a well-informed agent to determine if your roof needs additional coverage. At American Insurance Brokers we take pride in providing you detailed coverage and information. For a free quote and to answer any questions that your have regarding you policy click here.