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Group Health Insurance

What is Group Health Insurance?

Group health insurance is a single health insurance policy covering a group of people. This plan is generally bought by an employer and offered to eligible employees (and sometimes their dependents).

Offering the right health insurance benefits for your employees can be a challenge. You want to provide them with the best possible plan, but it also must be cost-efficient for your business. The health insurance plan offered by an employer is often the deciding factor for someone trying to figure out which organization to work for. AIB is here to ensure that your company attracts and retains the best employees.


Group Health Insurance American Insurance Brokers

Our brokers are committed to finding the best group health coverage for your business. We work with some of the top health insurance carriers to provide your business with the best solution. We’ll even help you source plans for groups, allowing you to split the costs of premiums among your employees. With the ever-changing health insurance in today’s market, we’re constantly staying up to date with the latest developments that will affect the coverage you expect as well as the overall cost impact.

Some additional health insurance options we can assist you with include:

HMO (health maintenance organization): HMOs offer health care for a set number of services in a certain geographic area (meaning participants have to stay inside the network for treatment). The premium is typically affordable and there are rarely deductibles. Copays are minimal.

PPO (preferred provider organization): PPOs typically offer more in-network options as well as some limited out-of-network options. Usually, a group of hospitals and providers negotiate contracts and fees with employers, insurers, etc. to offer health care to a certain group of people.

Cafeteria Plans: Cafeteria plans allow individual employees to decide exactly where they’d like their healthcare benefits to go. The plan offers a “menu” of benefits from which your employees can choose. The benefits are paid using pre-tax dollars from your employee’s paychecks, saving them money while also minimizing your payroll taxes.

Health Savings Accounts: To qualify for an HSA, an employee needs to be enrolled in a high deductible health plan—usually an individual PPO plan. With the purchase of insurance (from a PPO or HMO), an employee can choose to put the money taken out of their paycheck every month (typically low premium) into a savings account. As an employer, you have the option of helping to fund their accounts. Eventually, it can be used for investments or retirement. The best part? It’s tax-free!

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