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Condominium Association Property Insurance

Condominium Association Property Insurance 

Setting regulations, overseeing maintenance, and managing renovations are just a few responsibilities of a condominium owners association. When searching for an insurance package to protect your residents and directors, it is important to bear in mind that association needs are constantly evolving. It is crucial to work with an agency that has the knowledge, expertise, and partnerships necessary to ensure your business’s coverage needs are met at a sustainable rate. AIB is one of Florida’s leading experts in condominium association property insurance.

We understand that it is critical for your policy to be reviewed each year so that your association is in compliance with governing statements as well as individual owner requirements. We currently provide master policies for multiple associations throughout the state of Florida, in addition to providing personal insurance to condominium residents.

If your association is looking for a new insurance plan or you simply want to explore your options, give AIB a call or request a FREE online quote today. Our friendly experts will provide you with a timely quote without inspection fees and provide a quality experience that you’ll only get with an independent agency.

Need to obtain coverage in any of the following areas? AIB has got you covered.

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