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Florida Workers Compensation Insurance

Protect your business and your employees

Workers’ comp is coverage for businesses with employees. If you’re located in Florida and have more than four employees or if you’re in the construction industry, worker’s comp is required. It protects both the employee and the business in case of an accident, illness, or even death that occurs while working or in work-related activities. Due to the essential nature of this coverage, there are significant penalties for non-compliance.

Workers’ Comp was created to ensure workers would be taken care of without bankrupting the employer. The coverage is considered “no-fault” to reduce the costs associated with assigning blame and paying for medical expenses, covering lost income, and supporting the dependents of employees who are hurt or killed due to workplace accidents. It also covers any medical care stemming from an illness acquired by the employee while they were on the job. This insurance is especially important for construction companies, factories, and other businesses that may have a high potential for accidents.

Confusing circumstances can arise around a worker’s compensation claim, including the laws pertaining to the time period of the income compensation payments, medical treatments, and rehab services. While these reasons can be understandably unclear to the average business owner, our brokers will clear up any confusing details if a problem of this nature should arise.

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