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Commercial Insurance Brokers

What is Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance is what is provided and/or executed by non-governmental agencies. A commercial insurance broker is the negotiator between the insurance providers and the customers. The U.S. population has reached an overall high of approximately 330 million. 44 million of the population are uninsured, while 38 million do not have the proper insurance. 

Types of Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance brokers offer 3 common types of commercial insurance. They are known as property, workers compensation, and liability. Property insurance pay for any lost and damaged personal property. Workers compensation covers for employees in the case of an on the job injury. The law requires that any business carrying employees must have some type of workers compensation insurance. Liability Insurance is put in place to cover injuries a person caused onto a third party. American Insurance Brokers offer Commercial Business Packages that can be fitted to what your company needs. Let AIB help you choose the best package for your business!

How Much Does It Cost?

Commercial Insurance Brokers are available to help with cost because prices vary depending on what that business needs. However, the average cost of commercial insurance varies anywhere between $425 to $921, annually it could range from $483 to $2,758. These prices are not definite. Prices can change on multiple factors, including the size of the business and the type of business. American Insurance Brokers is an independent broker, they work exclusively on the behalf of their customers to source the most effective, low-cost solutions to get a free quote now!

What Does General Liability Cover?

General Liability Insurance is often confused with Workers Compensation. General Liability does NOT cover a business’s employees in the case that they were injured on the job. It will only cover a business’s liability to a 3rd party that was injured by that business. However, it will not cover the injuries made to the employees, that is workers compensation which would need to be added to the insurance plan. It would insure the employees with medical care and some lost wages in the case they are unable to work due to the injury.

“What If I Work from Home”?

Working from home does not mean there is no need for commercial insurance. The risks taken may be different than the ones faced while working in a business. However, there are liabilities that need to be covered working from home. Whether it’s driving different clients, Owning and using special equipment, or a professional in-home office. It still requires professional liability insurance. Commercial insurance brokers are professionals that will ensure a business is well protected.

Payment Options

Many customers believe that they must pay for insurance full up-front. However, this is not true! Most policies offer a “Pay as You Go”.  Meaning you pay at least 25% or more of the insurance policy in order to get the coverage and then continue to pay in 9 monthly payments. This can be an excellent option for cash-strapped or seasonal companies.