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Travel Coverage and Covid19

Can my travel insurance cover covid19?

Covid-19 has changed the way people travel. When Covid-19 made itself known, travel started to become heavily restricted. Therefore, canceling travel plans became an issue. People are becoming concerned about how they can keep safe from Covid-19 and insure that they don’t lose money on cancelled travel plans. So protecting your vacation investment should be a priority when traveling. Travel insurance is more important than ever and picking the right coverage begins with considering what you need. Plans will fall into these three categories:


Now, there are some times when cancelling a trip because of Covid-19 will not be covered. This is where things can get tricky and its best to have an insurance agent help you. For example, insurance companies like Tokio Marine HCC and GeoBlue know that certainty in uncertain times is not just important but also vital in future planning.  A few things that could stop you from receiving your travel investment back are the following:


Traveling during these unprecedented times can be tough. However, this difficulty does not make traveling impossible. By researching health guidelines regarding where you want to travel, and a savvy insurance agent, you can rest assured that your traveling invest is safe. Having a travel insurance agent who you can count on can make traveling in this pandemic a breeze.  Remember to check your country and the destination country’s health guidelines. Then, grab a travel insurance policy to protect you and your investment. Buying a travel insurance policy is as simple as ever and can be done here in the comfort of your own home. If you aren’t looking to buy a policy just yet but want to explore the cost of one, American Insurance Brokers can get you started on protecting your investment.