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Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance Lauren Blanchette December 29, 2020

Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance

Is business interruption insurance right for you?

Business interruption insurance is an important add on to your insurance policy. While property insurance protects your business from physical damage, income or interruption insurance protects your profits. Because building a business is hard work, protecting your investment is an easy decision. Business interruption insurance protects the profits your business would have earned had there not been a interruption. Luckily this type insurance is easy to add onto your existing policy. There are a few things that this kind of policy can cover:

  • Profits: The profits that you have earned in previous months will determine how much the insurance will pay out for loss of profits during an interruption.
  • Operating Costs: The cost to operate your business will continue even when you are not making a profit.
  • Temporary location: Covering a temporary location is especially important if your business has taken on physical damage to the building.
  • Civil authority: This coverage comes in handy when the government forces closure of businesses due to natural disasters.
  • Training cost: You might need to retrain/train employees at your new business location.
  • Miscellaneous: Costs that your business incurs on a monthly bases will be covered as long as there is financial records from pervious months. A great example of these expenses would be loan payments.

Is your city at risk?

There are cities in the U.S that are more at risk for business insurance. One of the obvious states that have more interruptions is Florida. With hurricane season and the threat of another pandemic shutdown some cities are more at risk than others. Popular cities like Daytona Beach and Naples should make sure that their business is protected from loss of income. These cities are known to have electrical shut downs, flooding and physical damage to property. An active hurricane season has made business owners rethink how well they can withstand an income interruption. Corona virus has taught us that hurricanes can be the least of our problems.

Populated cities like Orlando and Fort Myers may not experience as many shutdowns from hurricanes but they have experienced shut downs from the pandemic. These cities have seen a number of business closures because of civil authority. Fortunately, the business owners who had this insurance were protected from a severe financial loss. Unfortunately, hurricanes and pandemics are just a few of the things that can cause income interruption. Building a business is hard work and protecting it just makes sense. You’ve put in the time to grow your investment so take time to protect those profits by speaking with an agent about adding onto your policy. You can receive your free quote here.